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People needing counselling come from every walk of life, regardless of how responsible and self-contained they normally are, they can sometimes find themselves under stress, often feeling anxious, depressed, lonely or confused. At these times it's good to have a helping hand, someone to talk to, to share with. We are all human and can make mistakes, sometimes messing up completely, often resulting in the attitudes of others adding to an already heavy burden; feelings of failure, sometimes guilt, isolation, even to an experience of total rejection.

Men and women in positions of leadership too, can often feel isolated and sometimes brought to despair because they feel that they cannot confide and share their problems with someone who will not judge them but treat them respectfully and with genuine concern. This is the real world.

Christian Counsellor/Supervisor Catford South East London

Based in Bellingham, Catford, South East London, and near to the Crystal Palace, I offer a counselling/supervision service for a range of problems using an integrative approach. Although many problems are similar, different circumstances, personalities and cultures create different needs, and I endeavour to select the best method of counselling or therapy for you, making a difference.

Problems and difficulties covered include:

Addiction, Abuse, Anger, Anxiety, Bereavement, Conflict Resolution, Depression, Fear, Loss and Separation, Panic disorders and attacks, Phobias, Relationship difficulties, Sexual problems, Stress, Trauma.

A family, couple, pre-marriage and marriage counselling service is also available.

The cost of counselling is 30 per session before 6pm 40 per session after 6pm.

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